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Rolling Stones

Tractate Nedarim is dedicated by Mourad Shehebar for Refuah Shelemah of Chaya Sarah Bat Simcha

Tractate Yevamot is dedicated by Joseph Dana in honor of his wife, Esther, for being his biggest supporter and the foundation of their beautiful family.

Tractate Moed Katan sponsored by David and Lillian Khaski in honor the birth of their triplets!

Tractate Megilah sponsored by Dr. Edward J Gindi in memory of his parents Joseph and Grace Gindi A"H

Tractate Ta'anit sponsored by Seth and Jennifer Haberman in Memory of Simon Haberman A”H

Tractate Rosh Hashana Sponsored by Ralph J. Sutton in Honor of Rabbi Moshe Shamah

Tractate Beisah sponsored by Gaby Khezri Memory of Joseph ben Rahel A"H

Tractate Sukkah Sponsored by Muriel and Alexander Seligson

Tractate Yoma Sponsored by Z and Marav Dweckin Solidarity with Binyamin Novick and Hayyale Yisrael

Tractate Shekalim Sponsored by Linda and Maney Douek

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